Hello I am a californian pre-teen who lives within sight of SF bay.


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2 Responses to “About”

  1. 3 + x

    I have a very hard geography test and you can show it to everybody.

    1. Name the lake source of the Blue Nile?

    2. Name the capital of Mexico’s largest state?

    3. What is the term when water is rich in minerals to support algae life?

    4. Name the swamp in the Nimruz Province of Afghanistan that extends into neighboring Iran?

    5. Fezzan is a region in which country?

    6. The Ogaden, A region in Ethiopia was fought over in the 1970s by which country?

    Bonus: Name the country in South Asia that has 24 official languages?


    3 + x

  2. Flagee

    I know everything. I will demonstrate:

    1. Lake Michigan
    2. New Jersey.
    3. “Crappy”
    4. The Swamp of Keenan
    5. Hawaii
    6. England

    Bonus: The United States – long live freedom!

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